Fully Involved Logistics, Medical & Safety

COVID-19 Screenings

We understand your eagerness to get back to work and resume your daily lives. We also understand health and wellness and stand with you in wanting to keep staff and customers safe. We offer on-site or mobile COVID-19 screenings to help get America back to work!

Construction/Event Medic

While on a job site, anything can happen. Splinters, cuts, falls or worse! Sometimes, it’s just a headache and you can not work to your highest potential. Fully Involved Logistics, Medical & Safety help alleviate all of this with highly trained professionals providing both Medical First Aid and Over-The-Counter treatment solutions.

CPR & First Aid Education

As your local AHA Training Site, we offer a full-range of CPR and First Aid educational courses and certifications. Click here for a list of our available courses and upcoming classes.

Are you a CPR Instructor? Align with us and see the difference!
– Low-cost cards
– 24-48 hour turn-around on cards, not weeks or months
– Online instructor resource portal and more!