Screening Resources

Main Location – Cabot Yard:
275 Dorchester Ave
Boston, MA

  • 1st shift is 0530-1330. If there is a 2nd shift, the shift will run from 0530-1600.
  • Kit lock combination is 7-3-4
  • Utilize non-contact IR thermometer for readings
  • If elevated temp, utilize Welch Allyn Oral Thermometer
  • If still elevated, have them leave the office, inform the safety department that they failed (don’t give reasons why) and sanitize the screening area before having anyone else enter
  • WiFi network: LaneIndustries
    Password: P@v3TheW0r!d

Lane Office Location:
1 Wadleigh Place
Boston, MA

  • Desk is at top of stairs
  • Kit lock combination is 7-3-4
  • Follow same protocols as Main Location
  • Shift is from 0630-0800
  • WiFi Network: LaneIndustries
    WiFi Password: P@v3TheW0r!d

At end of day, download and submit form to me. Please name the form as the current date (mm-dd-yyyy).